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Keep it Natural

Handmade soaps

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Getting clean - naturally

Here at Keep It Natural all our soaps are vegan and are created using a combination of Olive, Coconut and Rice Bran oils - and definitely NO palm oil. We take pride in making products that don't contain harmful chemical ingredients, ​but rather  are plant based and made using old fashioned cold process method.

No synthetic fragrances or artificial colours are used in any of our soaps- we have found nature provides all the additives we need to make beautiful soap.

We are a family owned and run business working from our studio in Magill, South Australia. You can purchase our soaps from various locations around Adelaide as well as directly from our website.

Soap Opera

So called soaps

Be careful of harsh soaps filled with artificial scents or synthetic antibacterial agents (can you even pronounce half the ingredients 😩). These so...

The Nose Knows

Which scents trigger memories for you?
For me the smell of Patchouli reminds me of my early teens in the late 70’s – there wasn’t a shop in Adelaide that didn’t smell of burning incense –
and that’s why our That 70’s Soap is scented with a Patchouli blend.

What's so good about handmade?

People will often ask – what is so good about handmade soap? Well the short answer is – The ingredients When you buy our handmade soaps you know e...

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Gina - 0438221167,  gina@keepitnatural.com.au

Barnes Ave, Magill SA 5073, Australia