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Welcome to Soap Opera

After years of selling our soaps at various markets and stores around Adelaide – we’ve decided to also go on-line.  The new website was launched last week.

It’s a little daunting selling to customers without that live interaction, so I have stated this blog to help me keep in touch with you (our customers), hopefully here I can let you learn more about our soaps and answer any questions you may have.

To our existing customers, thank you for your loyal support over the years and to those just finding our products – welcome.


Just a little trivia……

The term soap opera originated from weekly radio dramas that were aired in the 1930’s being sponsored by soap manufacturers. These serials were typically broadcast in the afternoon or evening, about the lives of melodramatic characters, which were often filled with strong emotions, highly dramatic situations and suspense.

Now I may not be able to promise you ‘edge of your seat suspense’ or ‘heart wrenching drama’ but I can try and keep you all up to date with what’s happening at Keep it Natural.


Talk soon



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